India Was Hooked On PUBG Mobile & Subway Surfer On Their Phone This Year, According To Google

Indiatimes - Gwyn D'Mello - 12 December 2018

Times Internet’s news and infotainment platform has covered Ludo King as the most popular board game that is developed by Mumbai based Game Studio-Gametion. The article also lists the game as the number.1 free game on Google Playstore, since its release in December 2016.

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Gaming no longer niche, it’s mainstream entertainment

Timesofindia - 5 December 2018

The article by TOI covers how India has become an active gaming industry from niche entertainment to mainstream source of entertainment is because of the games like Ludo King that attracts all age groups to play the game.

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“By the games industry for the games industry”: India Game Developer Conference kicks off

PocketGamers - Craig Chapple - 4 December 2018

The article by Pocket Gamers covers how the country is developing as an emerging gaming industry is because of the key trending games like Ludo King which has crossed over 100 million downloads and has achieved about 12 million daily active users.

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Top 10 trending games of the week (November 5 to November 11 ) on Android smartphones

GadgetsNow - Shaurya Shubhami - 12 November 2018

Ludo King has been listed as the number one trending game by Times of India's technology arm- Gadgets Now. The article covers informative analysis of the top games according to Google Play Store that have been trending latest from the past week, from 5th to 11th November, 2018.

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Ludo, We Still Love You

IndianExpress - Shivani Naik - 4 November 2018

One of the best online and offline strategy game, Ludo King has earned immense love and support from millions of users. The daily English newspaper, Indian Express covers how users have been spotted playing this super-loved childhood game almost everywhere including places like tea stall at roadside or pilgrimage places to even at the airport.

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Mika Singh at the launch of music album ‘Ludo King’

Bollywood Hungama - 25 October 2018

Take a sneak peek into Ludo King's Official Music video launch at Bollywood entertainment website, Bollywood Hungama. The song has been sung by Mika Singh and directed by Anubhav Anand. The other celebrities who attended the event were Rahul Dev, Rakesh Paul, Ishq Bector, etc.

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When Gaming King Creates Music History!

Pukar News - 24 October 2018

One of the most read and fastest growing news portal Punekar News, has covered the Official Music Video launch party of Ludo King. With Mika Singh as the lead singer, Kunwar Juneja as lyricist, and directed by Anubhav Anand, the song has been receiving lots of love from its fans.

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Board Game Of The Past Ludo Has Made A Comeback

Mid-day - Anju Maskeri - 21 October 2018

India's morning daily compact newspaper, Mid-day, has published an article on how the childhood board game Ludo has comeback because of Ludo King game app. The article covers the origin of the game and the maker of the game application which can be played anywhere and everywhere. Thus, Ludo King is seen to be played in local trains as well as enjoyed almost everywhere.

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Ludo King Review: The nostalgic board game now in your pockets

The TeCake - 20 October 2018

Indian online new portal, The TeCake, has published an article about the game app Ludo King. The app also offers another nostalgic game to revisit the childhood days playing Snakes and Ladder. The article talks about how to play the game, it's User Interface and the added features of the game.

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The best games to play with friends for iOS and Android in 2018

Cnet - Joshua Rotter - 16 October 2018

Cnet is an American media website, which has published an article on Ludo King and how the game connects you to your childhood memories and friends. The articles says how Ludo King can be easily accessed, by playing any time anywhere and players can even invite your friends by creating their own private room.

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Have a good time with Ludo King

Mon 43 - Benoit - 13 October 2018

This article covers Ludo King as a Legendary classic Indian game, which has been played for centuries in the country and is now a worldwide loved game.

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Best two player games for Android

TheAndroidSoul - 26 September 2018

TAS, an Indian Droid-Blog, has listed Ludo king as one of the Best two player game for android users. The article also talks about how the game not only brings backs the nostalgia of playing childhood game but also has some new generation cool features to have fun while playing.

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Five best free gaming apps for Android that you can enjoy anytime anywhere

Timesofindia - Soumya Joy - 25 September 2018

One of the best ranking Indian daily newspaper, Times of India, has selected Ludo King as one of the top five best free game app for Android.

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5 Offline Games on Play Store You Must Play

PC Quest - Jagrati Rakheja - 10 September 2018

PC Quest, an Indian technology-based magazine has promoted Ludo King game as one of the top 5 Offline-based games on Google Play Store.

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Ludo King Becomes the Most Popular Nostalgia Game in the Play Store

Tribunjogja - 21 August 2018

Indonesian-based Group of Regional Newspaper website, Tribune, talks about nostalgia with the history of the game being played in childhood days. It also covers some features as well as updates of Ludo King game.

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Ludo King, Subway Surfer, Temple Run Games, Jio Made India to Stand in Top 5 Mobile Gaming Markets: POKKT

MySmartPrice - Aishwarya Bhatt - 14 August 2018

An online research platform, MySmartPrice reports that Ludo King game app has played a major role in promoting the country's growth in gaming sector with about 10 million Daily Active Users (DAU) of the app.

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India ranks among the top five mobile game markets in the world

Economic Times - Gaurav Laghate - 14 August 2018

Economic Times, the top financial newspaper of India, has reported how India is booming as one of the top five markets for mobile gaming industry because of the most loved mobile game app, Ludo King.

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10 Most Popular Mobile Games in India

DESIblitz - Dhiren Manga - 31 July 2018

UK leading British-Asian web magazine, DESIblitz, has listed Ludo King game as one of the reason that India as a country has made mobile-gaming a mainstream opportunity. As per the article it is one of the 10 most popular games in India with about 100 million downloads worldwide.

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Google Play Store पर इन 5 गेमिंग एप्स ने तोड़े कई रिकॉर्ड, लाखों यूजर्स ने किया पसंद

Jagran - 29 Jul 2018

जागरण ने की हमारी सराहना, बताया कैसे Ludo King तोड़ रहा है रिकॉर्ड पे रिकॉर्ड

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5 Popular Indoor Games That You Can Now Play Online

Creative Yatra - Srishti Millicent - 11 July 2018

Indian digital media agency, Creative Yatra, has listed Ludo King game on second number position from five popular indoor games. A brief about the game's history is also covered in this article.

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लूडो ने नहीं खोई पहचान, मोबाइल-कंप्यूटर पर भी खेला जा रहा है गेम

BGR - Nitesh Papnoi - 23 June 2018

Ludo King को दुनिया भर में लोग बहुत पसंद कर रहे है और इस गेम को 10 करोड़ से ज्यादा डाउनलोड मिल चुके हैं।

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Top 7 Best Android Games Under 50MB –Hill Climb Racing, Temple Run 2, & More

Slashinfo - Harsh Kumar - 13 March 2018

A tech-based Web magazine, Slashinfo, has reported Ludo King game as one of the best Android game to play under 50mb.

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Top rated smartphones Games You Should Play

Gizbot - Harish Kumar - 12 March 2018

Indian online portal's technology arm, Gizbot, has recommended Ludo King as one of the top rated smart-phones games. Ludo King can be played online as well as offline on all the platforms including android and iOS.

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ये हैं बेस्ट 8 मोबाइल गेम्स जो आपको बचपन में ले जाएंगे

News18 - March 9, 2018

कैसे Ludo King याद दिला रहा हैं लोगो को अपना बचपन, पढिये News18 की रिपोर्ट

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Vikash Jaiswal: The man who developed a tired, old British board game for mobile phones

Economic Times - Shashwati Shankar - 8 March 2018

India's top financial newspaper, Economic Times, has covered Vikash Jaiswal, the man behind developing one of the crazy and famous game from childhood days. Mr. Jaiswal brought the game with a modern twist of playing the game locally as well as internationally on mobile phones through Online and Offline modes.

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Shah Rukh Khan and Aanand L Rai take ludo breaks between extensive shooting

Indian Express - Express Web Desk - 3 December 2017
Shah Rukh Khan’s manager Pooja Dadlani tweeted saying how while shooting for Anand L Rai’s ‘Zero’+,Shahrukh enjoys his ludo breaks. Not only Shahrukh but also his director for the film Anand have a challenging game of Ludo King,where the later is always the one to lose.

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Why is Ludo King becoming the next sensational thing?

Medium - Neraj Kumar Naiyar - 28 November 2017, an online publishing platform has covered the story of how Ludo King, an online strategy board game has become one of the most loved application by the audience.

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How a small Indian studio got 55 million downloads and 10 million DAUs in under a year

PocketGamers - Matt Suckley - 22 November 2017
PocketGamers spoke to Mr. Vikash Jaiswal, the CEO and Founder of Gametion and the mind behind Ludo King at the Nasscom Game Developer Conference 2017.They have extensively covered his journey as the developer of such a famous game and how Ludo King has grown leaps and bounds in such a short span of time.

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Ludo in the big league

The Hindu - Varda Sharma - 16 November 2017
One of the famous Indian daily newspaper, The Hindu covers Ludo King's success story from its inception to being the top spot in free game section of Google Play Store and App Store with about 50mn downloads and almost 9.5 lakh daily active user (DAU).

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This Patna boy made the right moves to be crowned Ludo King

YourStory – 10 October 2017
YourStory, one of the most prolific websites covering Indian startups and entrepreneurs, decided to cover a story on “Vikash Jaiswal, Founder of Mumbai-based Gametion, the brains behind the sleeper hit board game app, Ludo King.” The article covers everything from how Mr. Jaiswal got the idea for the game, how he developed it and got it to the level of fame it currently is.

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The growing craze for online Ludo

Hindustan Times – 21 September 2017
Hindustan Times covered the how and why behind the growing craze for online based Ludo games such as Ludo King. The article sites nostalgia as the primary factor behind their popularity, but also credits the ease of use and functionality that the digital versions bring to the game.

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Top 5 Free Android Games to Play

PC Tablet – 10 September 2017
PC Tablet has created a list of top 5 free android games to help people find the good/right ones to choose and play from the millions that are available on the Play Store. We are so honored to not only be included in this list but to be listed at the No. 1 position.

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I Am Vikash Jaiswal, Creator Of Ludo King, And This Is How I Work

Lifehacker – 8 September 2017
Lifehacker conducted an interview with Mr. Vikash Jaiswal, the CEO and Founder of Gametion, and the brilliant mind behind Ludo King, for their How I Work series. As the name of the series suggests, the aim of the interview was to see how Mr. Jaiswal works on an average day and how did he manage to create such a successful game.

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Traditional Games from India Are Popular in Play Store, Who Ever Play Ludo

Serambi News - 6 September 2017

This article covered by Tribune news talks about how Ludo King game has become popular and much loved app. It also focuses about the game and how it is played.

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Action Replay: 5 reasons why it seems like the 90s all over again

The FreePress Journal – 10 June 2017
The FreePress Journal claims how people are living nostalgic lives, wanting to relive the 90s. It cites facts such as how Ludo is popular again in the form of Ludo King, how 90s songs are being remixed, how 90s serials are also being remade, and how Sachin is making news again. While we can’t speak for other things on the list, we are certainly glad that Ludo King is as popular as it is and that it allows people to feel nostalgic for their childhood.

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Life on suburban Mumbai train: Ludo on mobile phones is the new buzzword

Financial Express - 26 April 2017
This article in the Financial Express examines how Ludo King has taken over other popular games ‘like Subway Surfer and such games’ to become the choice game to play while commuting. Ludo King has been credited as making ‘the hours pass by so soon’ and helping people ‘unwind after a long workday.’

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Now, playing at a mobile phone near your train seat: Ludo

The Indian Express - 26 April 2017
An article published in The Indian Express talks about how Ludo King has become the top choice of game for people to play while commuting on the trains. It talks of how people have created groups on the daily locals and meet up daily to play while travelling to and from work. Many even cited Ludo King as an effective stress buster helping them deal with the daily pressures of their life. We’re glad that Ludo King could help people in such a significant manner.

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Top 5 apps of the week: Ludo King, Five Nights at Freddy's, Antivirus Guard and more

DNA India - 27 December 2016
Ludo King is listed as the number one pick in DNA’s Top 5 apps of the week. Daily News and Analysis, more commonly known as DNA, is an Indian broadsheet newspaper which also maintains a news website and also publishes an e-paper. Of all the apps they could have picked, they chose Ludo King, and we couldn’t have been more honored.

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The (Mobile) Games Women Play

The Wire – 22 October 2016
The Wire conducted an analysis of the types of games that women play, particularly of what types of games attract the attention of a women, especially in a world where playing video games is inherently seen as a boy’s trait. We’re so honored and proud to be listed as one of the games that have managed to garner the attention of women and to know that many women choose to play Ludo King even though they don’t really think of themselves as gamers.

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