If a user wants to raise a complaint regarding any issue related to the Ludo King game, they can reach out to the Ludo King Support team by writing an email at [email protected]. It is advised that the player attaches a screenshot and shares the video grab of their issue they are facing in the game and write a description about the issue in the email. The support team will try to solve the issue as fast as possible.

The dice roll is random and is generated by the computer. We do not have any form of interference or control over the number that the dice roll produces. To give fair game experience to all players, it has been set random, and we do not manipulate the dice roll.

You can report in the game. Tap on the profile of the player and then tap on the Report option. You can also send the information of the picture you saw, including a link to the player’s profile, a screenshot, and the page in the game where you saw the photo to [email protected]. The Ludo King support team will take appropriate action on the user promptly.

Please email the link to the said player's profile with a screenshot and description of the objectionable communication that happened on [email protected]. We take objectionable language/abuse/bullying very seriously, and we have zero tolerance against such behavior. Our support team will look into the issue, and if the player is found violating our Terms of Service, appropriate action will be taken against the player. You can also block the chat. Go to the player's profile and click on the Block Chat option.

We would suggest you remove them as a buddy. Go to the buddy section, click on the Remove button and remove them as a friend.

Stay alert of such emails. This is the method often used by hackers to gain access to your account. We never send such emails to players. Such legitimate warnings issued by Ludo King administrators will occur in the game app upon login.

You get the option to login through Facebook and invite Facebook friends through the Buddy List feature in Ludo King.

You can go to Store in Ludo king game and avail the No Ads option In App Purchase to remove ads from the game.

Coins and diamonds in the games are a virtual currency that cannot be redeemed into real money. Their use is only to exchange them for some in-app benefits like themes, decided by Ludo King developers. You can purchase coins with real money and use them in the game, but you cannot redeem the coins into real cash in any way.

Please reach out to the support team at [email protected] to ask why you have been blocked and how you can be unblocked to continue playing the game.

You can reach out to the support team from the game by going to the settings and tapping the "Support Email" button.

You can get all the up to date information related to Ludo King on ludoking.com. You can also get information related to updates and the "How to" guides on the official Ludo King Youtube channel. You can like and follow the official Ludo King pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated with the latest additions in the game and offers.